Meet the next generation of intelligence.

Popular is a universal market intelligence platform built to deliver real-time reports and forecasts about the world around you.

Our products help you quantify, anticipate, and adapt to the changes affecting your business without invading people's privacy.

Artificial intelligence with a human component.

Our artificial intelligence systems analyze people’s thoughts, opinions, and emotions on the internet and correlate them with a wide range of other data to predict market behaviour.

To help you understand these insights and make the most of them, Popular’s human experts are available to support you on-demand via our platform.

The optimal tool for rebuilding from unprecedented disruption.

Whether it’s unexpected market dynamics arising from the coronavirus pandemic or increasingly unpredictable social and consumer trends, our products are here to help you stay on top of today's ever-evolving normal.

Game-changing insights for businesses of any kind.

From small business to big enterprise solutions, our frictionless analytics tools inform you to confidently make data-driven decisions no matter your size, budget, or industry.

Discover What We Do

Adapting to rapid change has never been easier.

Popular is a universal market intelligence platform that correlates information from internet databases with impressions on social media to predict market and consumer behaviour.

At a time when the world is changing painfully fast, our products empower businesses of any size to anticipate these changes and proactively adapt to them.

Prioritize personal privacy.

Our technology creates profound social and consumer insights without profound intrusion.

Unlike the industry standard, we do not store any personal data whatsoever. This ethical analytics framework is a key pillar of our value proposition and ensures that we responsibly preserve personal privacy throughout every stage of our data processing.

Introducing our philosophy.

Our founders Azmain Abrer, Luc Angelini, and Edward Zou started this company on a foundation of genuine trust and excellent customer service. In that spirit, Popular commits to serving all our users as valued partners – no matter their size or scope.

We know how hard you’ve worked to bring your organization to where it is today. We can’t wait to help you take it further.

Meet the people behind the magic.


Azmain leads the vision driving Popular and charts the direction of our company, ensuring that our present operations and future plans create long-term value for both customers and shareholders. Educated in computer science and deeply familiar with the technology behind our products, he orients our team and development process towards continual improvement with the goal of exceeding expectations wherever possible.

Azmain Abrer

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Luc is a business management and philosophy scholar, and the lead business developer at Popular. He is responsible for devising and implementing strategies for optimally translating our vision into reality, and ensuring that the company’s resources are used as efficiently as possible. Luc furthermore oversees the quality of our brand and products, committing our team to excellence in technology development and customer service.

Luc Angelini

Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer

Edward is a computer science scholar responsible for overseeing all product development at Popular to ensure that we boast the most innovative systems on the market. Pushing the boundaries of our technological capabilities with a goal of delivering unparalleled value throughout our development process, he also manages the company’s project timelines and plays a critical product architecture role alongside our software engineers.

Edward Zou

Cofounder & Chief Innovation Officer

Grant is a University of Chicago graduate in Behavioural Economics with a passion for data science, story telling, and artificial intelligence (AI). Having placed 1st at both the Canada and USA Computer Science Olympiads, Grant also has significant experience with machine learning systems from working at a number of next-generation companies including Google’s Project Nightingale. At Popular, he leads all of our technology and AI systems development.

Grant Spink

Chief Technology Officer

Kamil is the gateway to Popular for people outside of the company as he manages and maintains our communications and relationships with partners, suppliers, advisors, beta-stage clients, and prospective investors. He is furthermore responsible for seeking out and pursuing mission critical partnership opportunities that the company requires for successfully achieving our growth plans. Kamil also communicates and works with our corporate counsel in legal matters.

Kamil Kanji

Chief Partnerships Officer



As a serial technology entrepreneur, the former Chief Operating Officer of Attabotics, and the current Head of Business at the California-based AI company Smart Energy Water, Chris Lewis brings valuable business development and venture capital expertise to Popular. Excited by the power of new technologies to functionally change the way the world works, Chris’ deep industry insights and involved support help steer Popular’s mission to create long-term value.

Chris Lewis

Technology Entrepreneur & Head of Business at S.E.W.

Having built a technology startup from the ground up and served as its Chief Executive Officer before it was acquired by the Fortune 1000 company Scansource, Roger Balm is an experienced leader in strategic planning, operations management, and development of exit strategies. At Popular, Roger supports our Executive Team with his decades of industry experience which began in the early days of the dot com internet startup era.

Roger Balm

Technology Investor & Former CEO of RPM Software

An avid serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Desireé Bombenon is one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women of 2016 & 2017, Ernst & Young’s 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year, and a recognized transformational business leader of the United Nations. Having chaired several industry boards, the National Music Center, the YPO International Wine Network, and served as CEO of her own startup companies, Desireé supports Popular with her wealth of business development and distinguished customer service expertise.

Desireé Bombenon

Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of SureCall and Chair of YPO


Artificial Intelligence Tools

Game-changing artificial intelligence at your fingertips.

Apollo  |  Trend Monitoring

Discover the trends before they’re trending.

Adapt your growth strategies to emerging social, consumer, and market trends.

Monitor how your audience’s impressions and behaviours are shaped by the internet, social media, and the real world. Keep up to date with the latest important developments affecting your operations across any topic, issue, or industry. Be the first to spot mission critical opportunities and challenges to optimize your strategic response.

Zeus  |  Perception Monitoring

Quantify your true reputation.

Meaningfully understand how the world really perceives you.

Search the online world for the impressions and stories dominating the real-world conversation around your brand. Concretely quantify your reputation across different regions, demographics, and time periods. Get instantaneous data about the decisions, events, and conditions that are boosting – or hurting – your brand value and public image.

Brizo  |  Experience Monitoring

Always deliver the best experience possible.

Tune in as people tell the world about their experiences with your customer journey.

Compile adaptive impressions databases to understand what people love – and don’t love – about your products and services. Pinpoint quality-related issues and other problems arising in your customer journey before they present a significant crisis. Make reliable development and marketing decisions informed by vast amounts of valuable customer, investor, and public feedback found online.

Eris  |  Competitor Perception Monitoring

Stay ten steps ahead of your competition.

Keep tabs on everything happening with other players in your sector.

Be notified of developments in your competition’s reputation and visibility as they unfold. Know which competitors are gaining groundswells of support and why they may pose a challenge long before a threat emerges. Constantly compare your performance against others to understand which actions and strategies afford you the greatest competitive edge.

Minerva  |  Competitor Experience Monitoring

Become the leading player in your sector.

Optimally position yourself against all of your competition’s weaknesses.

Maintain a database of your competitors’ impressions and customer feedback so you can best understand their weaknesses. Benchmark your products and services against your competition to identify where your value propositions lie. Strategically establish yourself as the ideal alternative to the shortcomings of your competition.


Human Innovation Tools

Groundbreaking human innovations at your service.

BOS  |  Brand Optimization Support

Learn how to resonate deeper with your customers.

Transform your marketing with non-traditional advertising and content strategies to optimize your brand appeal, guided by our experts in today’s social and consumer trends.

Stay perpetually in-tune with your audience’s always-evolving expectations. Creatively leverage the local popular and consumer culture inherent to your operating regions. Build a profound understanding of how to increase your brand’s value and boost your company’s visibility for years to come.

PGS  |  Prospective Growth Support

Implement strategies to chart your growth for the long run.

Gain a clearer picture of where you stand with respect to the future of your industry and how you can best position yourself for long-term success.

Identify emerging growth and development opportunities. Recognize how you can best leverage emerging behavioural trends against your competitors. Receive guidance on pursuing your ideal growth vision and pinpoint the critical milestones you’ll need to hit in order to achieve measurable success.

DRS  |  Digital Revolution Support

Adjust your operations to dominate the digital world.

Work with our technology paradigm specialists to integrate your business in the online economy, grow your virtual audience, and scale your operations.

Familiarize your team with the 21st century’s internet-driven business environment. Leverage the revolutionary platforms of today’s digital economy and understand how to maximize your success in each of them. Take full advantage of cutting edge technologies to become a proactive player in your industry.


We offer two main platforms to deliver the exact solution that’s best for you.

Bespoke Platform

Fully custom-built technologies and features with pricing models developed uniquely for you. If you’re a large enterprise in need of an artificial intelligence-powered revolution to transform yourself into a flagship of the 21st century, this platform is the perfect choice for you.

Commercial Platform

Three subscription-based pricing plans made for businesses of any size, operating in any industry. These range from fundamental tool packages providing affordable insights for small businesses to extensive tool packages delivering premium intelligence for medium-sized businesses.

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